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Ok, I suppose any online portal can be used to troll for sex. It's not that surprising. I know several people who have carried on virtual affairs in MMORPGs, and have met their future spouses online.

How Scrabulous became a sleazy internet pickup joint, by Will Doig -

"Flirty girlz only who can also have S.E.X.Y. chat," reads Syed's open-table Scrabulous challenge. "Age must be less than thirty. Send a msg before playing a game." According to his stat board, Syed's player's rating is 947 â.. not dismal, but nothing to brag about â.. and he's looking for hot women who play according to the English TWL dictionary.

He'll find them. Scrabulous, the Facebook application that allows users to play Scrabble against each other online, has turned Hasbro's slow, stodgy board game for vocabulary enthusiasts into one of the internet's sleazier pickup joints. "Any ladies want to play strip Scrabulous?" beckons Jamie. "Hot women, MILF only, no men, prefer Canadian," specifies Mike. "Just waiting 4 the right horney [sic] women to appear!!!!" announces Andrew, adding, "Like blondes but all welcome."

Sure, it's not my thing, but I -- wha??

"I've played games where I have been made to feel so horny I had to touch myself," says Alicia, a slightly older woman with whom I ended up engaged in a particularly licentious match. The atmosphere within Scrabulous has become so amorous that players who don't want to talk dirty while they play have begun specifying so: "Looking for a player with a similar rating to me, no sex chat nonsense," reads one open challenge. "Just a regular game, no pervs," reads another. A few weeks ago, the game's administrators finally added a function that cordons off "adults only" tables into a section separate from games "suitable for all ages."

Sure, most of these are simply blogging platforms, but there are some cool tips. Check out this one:

Movable Type on the iPhone - For those using Movable Type 4, you can add this plugin and get easy access to your blog, comments and more from the iPhone/iPod Touch.

7 Tools For Blogging On Your Phone

I'm no Wordpress user, but these look like good tips. With a little modification, they could apply to most other server-based blogging software.

Wordpress Security Tips and Hacks

We all agree that having a secure wordpress weblog should be our first priorities when keeping a successful blog. In this post weâ..d like you to share your knowledge and help us create the Wordpress Security guide to keep the bad guys out.

Below are 10 security tips that you can easily implement on your WordPress blog. Please share one or more life-savers you use permanently to help protect yourself from WordPress security issues.

I heard about this, but didn't blog about it (despite living only about 3km from campus). The LFA's club application letter was a little rough, and needed to be re-written. Besides, WLU's done a lot of boneheaded things in the past, so this wasn't the least bit surprising. Remember the thing in 2006, when a number of students decided to dress up in blackface for the winter carnival, with upside-down KFC buckets on their heads?

As far as universities go in Waterloo, WLU's considered "the other university".

Ah, I kid, Laurier's a fine institution.

Laurier Freethought Alliance to receive full Campus Clubs recognition by weekâ..s end - The Frame Problem

After a firestorm of freethought blogging, a barrage of angry emails, a stirred up Wilfrid Laurier University Student Union (WLUSU) executive board and university administration, and the clarification of some miscommunications between the Laurier Freethought Alliance (LFA) and the WLUSU, the WLUSU has agreed to grant the LFA campus club status pending the addition of statements to the LFA club description indicating that the club will be tolerant and inclusive of all groups on campus. Recall that late last week the LFA application for club status had been denied (though with invitation for application modification and resubmission). Congratulations to Tyler Handley, Anatoly Venovcev, and the LFA for becoming the first recognized freethought/nontheist student group at WLU!

  Steve Jobs snubs blogger

Well, what did you expect? He was standing in the middle of the exhibition floor, by himself, doing nothing more than looking at his iPhone. Sounds like a busy guy to me.

Violet Blue: Steve Jobs snubbed me | Geek Gestalt - A blog by Daniel Terdiman - CNET

"I saw that Steve Jobs was just hanging out on the Macworld Expo floor, not in conversation, not talking to anyone, and poking at his iPhone in the middle of the wandering public, so I walked over," Blue wrote on her Open Source Sex blog Thursday. "Thinking a girl--in this case, a fangirl, me--will never get anything if she doesn't ask for it, I lightly touched his arm and said, 'Hi.' He looked at me, and I blushingly asked if it would be OK for me to take a picture with him. I didn't say my name or give credentials or anything else, I was just any girl. He told me curtly, flatly, that I was rude. And turned his back to me."

Yeah yeah. I know. Shut up already. So I have about a dozen blogs. So what?

My Blog and Podcast Site Are Now Merged into One â.. Steps on How I Did It | I'd Rather Be Writing

Why Merge the Two Sites?

Maintaining two sites was burdensome. Whenever I published a new post on Tech Writer Voices, I also wrote a post on Iâ..d Rather Be Writing letting others know. Upgrades, plugins, theme tweaks, comment spam, and other blog maintenance were double the work with two sites. I wanted to reduce my workload and centralize the information.

  Consider yourself warned

I was sending a message to my cousin on Facebook, and as I scrolled back up to the menu, I came across this layer pop-up message. It looked pretty serious, though I've no idea what it was saying to me.


... aside from the fact that it was trying to warn me. Maybe there's an axe murderer in my back seat, and if only I'd stop and get out of the car, I'd be safe. But we'll never know, will we?

Ghost-town forums. Sounds creepy.

Movable Type: The Communities That Web 2.0 Forgot

On cluttered bulletin boards, ghost-town forums, and decrepit old message boards, a lot of conversations that have nowhere else to live are puttering along. We've all seen them -- you do a quick Google search on some esoteric topic and end up poking around a community that seems to have been left behind by the advances in usability, conversation, and interactivity that we're used to in blogs and social media sites. There's no sign of the rich media or social profiles we're used to seeing today. Or maybe that out-of-date community is powering the forums on your company intranet, looking like The Community That Web 2.0 Forgot. Though the currently-popular phrase "User-Generated Content" isn't very elegant, at least it has the word "user" in it

How did they know about my bachelor party??

How to Clean Up Your Online Reputation from Monster Career Advice

Maybe it wasnâ..t such a great idea to post that video from your bachelor party in Vegas. Or to include a recipe for pot brownies in your otherwise above-board food blog. Or to rant about your former employer -- specifically, about the CEOâ..s bad haircut and body odor -- on an industry message board.

Maybe it wasnâ..t such a great idea to do any of the other infinitely creative, breathtakingly easy and completely dumb things the Internet allows you to do with just a few keystrokes and mouse clicks.

But you did, and now youâ sorry as you head out into the job market with an online reputation to repair.

A neat article calling a columnist to task for dissing bloggers' integrity without actually reading any blogs.

The journalism that bloggers actually do - Los Angeles Times

No one owns the practice of reporting or assigns the right to do it. It's a democratic thing to tell others what's going on and "show your work." Some people will not be deterred from doing that. Most of them don't care what you call them. They do care if their story stands up.

There's a couple of really good obfuscation sites you can use for free.

Hide Your E-mail Address from Spam Bots / Wired How To's

The Scenario You want to provide your website visitors with a way to send you an e-mail. The easiest method is to simply post a clickable mailto link somewhere on your site.

The Dilemma
Youâ worried about spam. And rightly so, because you know one of the easiest ways to for spammers to gather e-mail addresses is to find the ones clearly displayed online. (As an exercise in curiosity, search for your e-mail address on Google to see how visible you currently are to harvester bots.)

Can anyone say synchronicity? I just setup my server with RC4. Awesome.

Movable Type: Presenting Movable Type 4.0

This is the biggest release of MT ever, a complete redesign of both the front end information architecture and the back end scaling infrastructure. The dozens of new features have been inspired by the outpouring of community support have helped inform our efforts: MT4 reflects what all of us have learned about how blogs work and where blogs are going.

A completely redesigned user interface. The first time you log in to MT4, youâ..ll be greeted with a graphical display of blog activity, a customizable dashboard, and even more powerful ways to manage an unlimited number of blogs all in one place.

Vastly more powerful publishing abilities. Thereâ..s new support for standalone pages in addition to your blog entries, much more robust templating including warning messages if your templates contain errors, and smarter archiving with the ability to create archives per-author or category archives paged by month.
Better plugins, with many built in. Many of the most popular plugins from our community have been folded into the MT4 core, and dozens more plugins are either upgraded for or brand-new to MT4. The things you want to do with your site, from tagging to podcasting to managing your media and files doesnâ..t require you to install or configure any complicated plugins.

Even more MT-only innovations. Cutting-edge identity technologies like OpenID are built right in, and nicely complement MTâ..s built-in user registration. And MTâ..s powerful permissions system is complemented by a robust set of fully-customizable permissions, so you can choose exactly what each member is allowed to do.

Unique features. MT4 keeps the tradition of doing things that you can only find in Movable Type: powerful support for an unlimited number of blogs, with the ability to aggregate content from one, some, or all of your blogs in a single page. And the ability to add on solutions to your core MT install to enable Enterprise integration or advanced Community features.

  Get Ready for MT4

Don't think I won't be upgrading to MT4 when it's available....

Six Apart - Movable Type News - Partners: Get Ready for MT4

With the availability of the third Release Candidate for Movable Type 4.0, itâ..s time to get prepared for the launch of the new version of the platform. To help in the preparation, weâ putting out a call to all of our partners who are developers, designers, consultants, strategists and systems integrators. Join us for a series of online events this week that are designed to help you make the most of the launch.

MT4 marks the beginning of a number of new opportunities to get customers and projects by taking advantage of skills you already have, especially with the new capabilities of the new version.

A social bookmarking portal from Germany removed its racist logo amid controversy.


The CEO's apology is here:

Mister Wong-Blog - Blog Archive - A Message from the Founder

I'm still trying to understand why a German website uses a Chinese guy to advertise itself.

Makes me wish I used Wordpress for my blog.

30 Plugins for Wordpress Comments

When working on a WordPress blog, posts often take center stage. However, the comments are often just as important - they create valuable discussion. And yet the default WordPress comment box is simplistic and uninspiring - here are Mashableâ..s favorite comment-focused WordPress plugins that can eliminate spam, improve the appearance of comments, and add more value to your posts.

  Simpsons avatars

I don't know about you, but I've always wanted to know what I'd look like as a Simpsons character. Well, since the Simpsons started airing, that is -- and the show's been on so long that it's hard to imaging a pre-Simpsons time.

Anyway, with all the movie hype that's going on, you can actually go to their movie website and create your own avatar (and yes, download it too). I finally talked R into doing hers, and I came up with this lovely image:


Yes, well, there were limits on what you could do with the avatar (only a few body types, hair styles, facial features, etc.), so I look a lot more beefy here than in real life -- although I have been going to the gym. And you only get to wear a t-shirt and plain pants. But limitations aside, it's still one of the coolest avatars you can make online.

I'm waiting for the Family Guy avatars next.

Simpsons Movie

This is your god now -- especially if you're a podcaster or video blogger. This page has links to a ton of different tools, including (pause to take a breath) photo mashups, mobile photo sharing, photo mixing and slideshows, photo printing/book creation, photo search, stock photos, live video communications, online video how-to, online video editors, online video converters, video sharing, video hosting, video organization and management, video mashups, podcast hosting ...

... and much much more.

ONLINE MEDIA GOD: 400 Tools for Photographers, Videobloggers, Podcasters & Musicians

Still not sure how "cat pictures with captions" constitutes a "top blog", but hey, you don't se me making any money yet...

How Top Bloggers Earn Money

From cat pictures and celebrity gossip to tech news and politics, the stars of the blogosphere earn plenty of dough, regardless of subject. Some bloggers start their sites intending to make big profits. But most of the bloggers we talked to had more modest expectations, and saw their blogs unexpectedly turn into businesses as traffic picked up and ad dollars rolled in. Here's a look at how some of the most popular blogs make their money.

  No free copies for you

Meh, no big deal either way. I am a little surprised that they only got about 250 requests in one day of advertising this.

Dear Blogger: I'm sorry to report that the giveaway promotion for our Sept. 2007 issue has ended and you will not be receiving one of the freebies from us. We received approximately 250 requests for the 40 giveaway copies! If you wish to read the issue anyway, copies should be arriving in stores over the next two weeks. Or if you wish to order a copy from us, we will have issues for sale in about a week. Thank you for your interest in our magazine. Sincerely, Andrew Grossman Circulation Manager Fantasy & Science Fiction PO Box 3447 Hoboken, NJ 07030 USA

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