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  Kiko-Man strikes again

Another weird Japanese animation, this time, with the famous Kikoman Soy Sauce action hero, killing cats, fighting other condiments, and doing Anime chickies. Who's behind this madness? Don't ask me. I just work here.

The case of the missing gnomes, ranging in height from 5 inches to 3 feet, began Sunday when a resident of the 1100 block of Morning Glory Lane found his mailbox smashed with one of the lawn ornaments, which was found in shards, police said.

  Takes one to know one

In a truely bizzare click, I happend upon Son of Sam's offical website with his comments on the recent sniper shootings here

  What did you believe ?

Was there anything you belived in growing up that was pointed out to you later as complete BS ? Compare your stories to others here

In a disturbing case, a father and son were arrested in Newark, accused of robbing graves. The two men say they were taking bodies from cemeteries to conduct religious ceremonies.

  Get Well Wayne

I don't know who Wayne Noster is, but I somehow got on his mailing list. I'm really not sure of the exact details leading up to Wayne's convalescence but it sounds grim. Godspeed on your recovery, Wayne. I'll Pray for You and Your family. (I wonder if Willie meant "God" when he said "He asked me to ask you guy[sic] to continue to Pray")

  Sexy death

One italian coffin store has decided to get it's self online with a bit of twist in the choice of models

Pilgrims are flocking to a house in Bombay where they believe that
Elephant headed Hindu Lord Ganesha has appeared in the shape of a potato.

Thanks to Col. Panic for this link: Cats were exposed to photographs of bearded men. The beards were of various sizes, shapes, and styles. The cats' responses were recorded and analyzed.

For the magic to work, the killing had to be done just right. If the goddess were to grant Khudu Karmakar the awesome powers he expected from a virgin's death, the victim had to be willing, had to know what was happening, watch the knife, and not stop it. But even tranquilizers couldn't lull 15-year-old Manju Kumari to her fate. In his police confession, Karmakar says his wife, daughter and three accomplices had to gag Manju and pin her down on the earthen floor before the shrine. In ritual order, Karmakar wafted incense over her, tore off her blue skirt and pink T shirt, shaved her, sprinkled her with holy water from the Ganges and rubbed her with cooking fat. Then chanting mantras to the "mother" goddess Kali, he sawed off Manju's hands, breasts and left foot, placing the body parts in front of a photograph of a blood-soaked Kali idol. Police say the arcs of blood on the walls suggest Manju bled to death in minutes.,13673,501020729-322673,00.htm

  Monster Manual Online

Here's an ultimate geek experience. Remember those old days when you played D&D? Now you can out geek your friends with the online Monster Manual II. Complete with cheesy pictures and a handy index. It's "online the liveliest awfulness."

Congratulations on your decision to join the forces of darkness! Evil always needs more tools... I mean... agents... for its unholy army of the night, and by joining now you can rest assured that your remaining years will be spent pursuing the 'good' things of life: lust, greed, debauchery, the slaughter of hapless innocents... Your favorite hobby can become a lifelong career! Thus, this handy guide has been created to nurture any potential lunatic into a lifetime of evil and destruction.

  Kicking it with Christ?

I had to steal this link from SomethingAwful, I just had to. It's the best indicator of the insanity of X-tians I've seen this month. Chat rooms, animated gifs, and all sorts of overtly religious messages geared to brainwashing susceptible children who have somehow found their way onto the internet. Christ. Are there really individuals out there who believe that this kind of crappy site is going to bolster the X-tian belief? Obviously. Are there really any impressionable, internet-ready kids who would visit this site? Wait, maybe I don't want to know that answer.

If you ask me, this kind of site is nothing more than some kind of naive attempt to seduce children by luring them into you own personal chat rooms. What kind of weird freak does that?

"Jesus is da man," indeed.

This one's pretty strange, kind of like a weird German version of that Japanese pop culture spot at Check it out here.

Looks like they finally found Cthulhu. Check out the whole article

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