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It's sad, but I'd probably watch this.


C'mon. Imagine this was Bruce Willis. Or even Regis Philbin.

YouTube - Unbelievable Action Scene Ever Created: P9

I'm pretty sure I read this one as a kid. Whoa, creepy.


Design Fetish: These Golden Books Are Not For Children

  How to start a cult

Rather, how to get a bunch of people to act stupidly.

YouTube - Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

From MST3KInfo: Some guy named Rupert Munch Jr. wants to commit a crime against humanity and make a sequel to "Manos: The Hands of Fate", possibly the worst movie ever made.

To add insult to injury, he wants it to star Jackey Raye Neyman Jones, who played the daughter-cum-wife in the original film. Or rather, "film".


Jackey saw our productions. She told us that through the years, she has seen every ToRgO and Master, shtick, bit, film, play, comic, etc. come down the chute, but she thought they were all...(sorry to anyone out there)...unworthy. But she felt our "style, humor, intelligence, and love/respect for the characters" resonated with her, and she wanted to participate in some way! We told her we would like to do a feature length sequel to "Manos" with as many of the original cast and their families as possible. ... We want to do it in a contemporary style (40+ years later), that still captures the spirit, awkwardness and magic of Manos."

"Manos" Sequel Planned « Satellite News

  Smells like Shat

  Cats are Weird

Though this one appears to be a cunning linguist.

YouTube - Kitten suckles air *ORIGINAL*

  Go See Iron Man IV

It's like every movie I've ever seen, and more!

YouTube - Iron Man IV

Via Topless Robot

Whoa, the boy's going a little loco in la cabeza. Even spawned a new Internet meme.

Scott Baio has had some issues of late. He's mad. Mad at liberals, mad at uninformed fans, and really mad at the Internet. Crazy mad. But a recent history of Baio's insanity reveals that his fall was all but inevitable.


Scott Baio's Online Meltdown: A Complete Timeline - Scott baio twitter - Jezebel

"It's me, Norm and Sam and Sadie's boy"


Researchers have produced human embryos containing DNA from three people, a biotechnological proof-of-principle with profound medical and ethical implications.

To accomplish this, chromosomes were taken from one zygote -- the single cell formed when sperm and egg fuse -- and put into a zygote stripped of its original chromosomes, but left with its original mitochondria, which provide each human cell with energy.

As they grew, the resulting embryos contained so-called nuclear DNA -- the 25,000 genes responsible for physical and developmental traits -- from two traditional parents, and mitochondrial DNA from a third.

3-Parent Embryos Could Prevent Disease, But Raise Ethical Issues | Wired Science |

Clever ad for the Samsung DCC camera. I love their screen names.

But it does highlight the very real problem of staged profile pictures, and why you shouldn't trust them.

YouTube - Do not Trust Profile Pictures! Samsung DCC

  Star Wars Nerd Burlesque

  Just Look Around You

Math is really hard. I mean really.

YouTube - Look Around You - Playlist

  Megashark Physics

Learning is fun.


The infographic in question is breaking down the physics of one particular scene where the 40M long Megashark leaps out of the water and grabs a plane, 1500M in the air, which is really quite the extraordinary feat when you do the math.

Unreality - Analyzing the Physics of Mega Shark |

  Smells like Cthulhu

Something smells fishy. At ThinkGeek. Apparently you can find the liveliest awfulness online.


Topless Robot - Because When You Think of the Odor of Love, You Think Cthulhu

  Japanese Robots Scare Me


But, at least she's not spinning leeks...

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