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Oh my god. Can't stop laughing.

It's apparently an exercise in dubbing random phrases to lip sync a video clip.

YouTube - Happy in Paraguay

  This is an Orangina ad

Probably a little NSFW. Kind of fun and also disturbing to watch.

YouTube - Shake that ass - shake that Orangina

  The Pet Rock is Back

Now with USB 2.0 support.


Simply plug the USB cable into a free port and let the fun begin. The USB Pet Rock will instantly begin to work its magic. People will stop by and ask you what your USB Pet Rock does. Each time, you can make up a new story; for no matter what you say, it will be greater than the truth - because these USB Pet Rocks don't do a dang thing. Except make you smile. And confuse your friends and coworkers, which will make you smile even more. So, get your USB Pet Rock today, and help make us rich tomorrow.

ThinkGeek :: USB Pet Rock

  Time for a Coffee

I'm thinking Starbucks or something in a paper cup.


  Flintstones Garden Shears

Yikes. Where's the baby elephant vacuum cleaner?

YouTube - Piranha-bite test

Ok, fair enough. It's a noble pursuit. But what's the deal with this:


The Greatest Velvet Paintings Of Science-Fiction Icons!

Neat interpretation of short Lovecraft story.

YouTube - The Terrible Old Man

The Adventures of Lil' Cthulhu. Oh dear god. I wish they had this cartoon when I was a kid.

YouTube - The Adventures of Lil Cthulhu

  Creepy Halloween food

A Thai bakery which specializes in bread that looks like human body parts. (shudder)


Imagine running up to the bakery around the corner and coming across bread shaped like body parts. Sound yummy? Artist Kittiwat Unarrom creates just that; gruesome works of art out of bread.

Thailand is really crazy for human meat - AsianTown.NET

What makes a good Halloween costume? What makes a good costume idea go bad?

Here's a great list of TV characters done up in costumes, some of which succeed, and some which fail.


Unreality - The Best, Worst and Most Terrifying TV Cartoon Halloween Costumes

A very touching and poignant moment. Or something.

In reality, an awesome T-shirt print design from Brandon Bird.


TopatoCo: The Anguish Print (15x29)

From fictional skulls. They're apparently not professional face artists, but the results are cool.


Forensic Reconstruction of Famous Skulls of Fiction

When making fun of America's country-folk, it pays to have an exit plan, as the U.K.'s Top Gear crew found out.

I didn't want to wake up tied to a tree, being invited to squeal like a little piggy for the entertainment of a 20-year-old psychopath in giant dun­ga­rees, with three teeth in his head and a bitter hatred of anyone who wasn't also a 30-stone homophobic racist who shot at things he didn't understand.

A few miles down the road, conscious that we were easily identifiable to the hordes of rednecks being warned of our approach over the CB, we pulled over. We had seen them waiting at crossroads as we passed, and heard them telling people further ahead that we were coming. We had to try to remove the slogans that had caused offence of an intensity way beyond what we had anticipated.

Top Gear in America's redneck country

Really? People have parties like this?

I like this version a lot better:

Now there's a party I can get behind.

May a baker's dozen of cantina band songs get stuck in your heads, each one more excruciating than the others.

YouTube - Playlists

Huh, embedding disabled on #5, the organ version:

No freaking way. Oh, great, they only deliver in the U.S.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

The Lovecraft Collection.
Scents inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Perfume Oils: A Picnic In Arkham: The Lovecraft Collection

Thanks, Pharyngula.

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