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  Plan 9 Teaser Trailer

Ed Wood had a dream ... of a race of giant atomic super men. Unfortunately, his dreams never translated well to the silver screen. For him, the screen was more of a pewter colour.

Finally, though, it appears someone has tried to make something a little closer to his actual dream, except without transvestites and Bela Legosi.

I found this too late to post it on 09.09.09, but I understand the meaning.

Plan 9 Teaser Trailer from Darkstone Entertainment on Vimeo.

Plan 9 Teaser Trailer on Vimeo

Because it's Friday, and we all could do with a little airing out.


YesButNoButYes: Top Ten Naked Sporting Events

And I didn't think to get him anything, except maybe a photoshopped cake.


H. P. Lovecraft - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  Insane Sandwiches

Some look delicious. Others, well ...


  How to Make Kool Aid Wine

Bleaaah! Just in case you end up in prison.

There should be a fine layer of dead yeast and such lying on the bottom of the bottle. This stuff isn't poisonous, but it tastes awful and is known to give you bad gas.

Yeasty-beasties cloud the wine, taste bad and can give you diarrhea. Aesthetics count. It is difficult to be proud of cloudy wine but a crystal clear 14% wine is something to be proud of, regardless of how you did it or how cheap it tastes!

Add the two packages of Kool Aid powder to the wine in the new bottle, cap the bottle, then shake it for a few seconds to mix it thoroughly. Try tasting a bit, it will probably be awful. Don't dump it out, it will get way better! Adding some more sugar here may improve the flavor a bit, but it really needs to age a little while longer.

How to Make Kool Aid Wine: 12 steps - wikiHow

Whew. For a moment, I was worried I'd be in one of the pictures.


Galleries - 50 Epic Super Nerd Photos - 50 Epic Super Nerd Photos_18

  Movies based on toys

Hey, let's get Hollywood to ruin all of our childhood toy memories!

  RoboGeisha Movie Trailer

The guys over at Topless Robot were commenting on how Disney seems to be sabotaging Miyazaki's new film, Ponyo, by releasing the DVD months before its North American theatre opening. It may be true, it's probably true. But the TR guys suggest this is because Ponyo looks too weird for U.S. audiences, and Disney knows it.

I'd tell you not to bother seeing it in the theater, except that Disney is already doing a fine job of that, since they'll be releasing the DVD of Ponyo a month before the film premieres in the U.S. Making the theatrical release utterly irrelevant. Which is fine in the sense that Ponyo is clearly fucking insane in the way that is whimsical and somehow reasonable to mass Japanese audiences, but kind of terrifying to mass U.S. audiences.

Maybe. Does this look kind of weird/scary/trippy for U.S. audiences?

That's nothing. Check this out. Now this is seriously fucked-up weird:

Go rent it. It's called Paprika, by Satoshi Kon, the guy who did "Tokyo Godfathers", and "Perfect Blue". This is a film that'll mess you right up.

I'm not sure what else to add, except it's a samurai who cuts a goddamn baseball in half.

YouTube - baseball attacked by samurai swordsman

These are pretty interesting. And by interesting, I mean scary.

In 2002, an Israeli businessman was sent to a resort called Eilat for four days where presumably his company expected him to relax a bit, learn a few new tricks to apply back at the office and not try to pork his own daughter. Very likely that was in some manner of memo regarding what was acceptable behavior during his time away, wedged between "no gambling" and "no filling your ass with firecrackers."

Unable to control his insatiable need to bone, the man ordered a call girl on his first night there. Sure enough, the woman that was sent to his room just happened to be his little girl.

6 Ridiculous Sex Myths (That Are Actually True) |

Warning: turn your speakers up really loud for this.


In light of the fact that I missed both these memes, I bring you a mashup of two recent Web events: Christian Bale going apeshit on a gaffer, and drugged out little David on the way back home from the dentist.

Strangely, it works.

YouTube - Christian Bale takes David to the Dentist (Mash-Up)

  Great Sci-Fi Channel ads

  Record for biggest boobs

Sheyla Hershey just broke the record for biggest breast implants. Yikes!



The 28-year-old, a Texas housewive, has had nine operations to get her up to this size.

She traveled to Brazil to get her last procedure which took her from an FFF to a KKK after Texas officials refused to do it, for fear that her breasts could explode.

  Internet Test Pattern

Please do not adjust your network settings. Makes an awesome home page.


Please stand by

  Mike Nelson to eat bacon

... for a whole month. His diet will also include beer and martinis.

Bacon Stupidity

IĆ¢..ll get right to the good stuff: for the entire month of February, 2009, I, Michael J. Nelson will eat nothing but bacon. Nothing, my friends, but bacon.

Why? Because bacon is natureĆ¢..s finest and most nourishing food. Also, because several doubters on the RiffTrax staff had the unmitigated gall to insult bacon by making the outrageous claim that, as good as it is, no one could eat very much of it and live. I can and will. Therefore I will spend the month proving it.

  Friday Zen

You need to go home and smoke a big joint before watching this. I'm just warning you.

YouTube - Epic Armageddon of Total Stupidity

  Donald Duck's Family Tree

This took some time, no doubt. Now we can settle the age-old questions about the Duck family, such as:

Whose uncle is Uncle Scrooge?

Turns out he's Donald's mother's brother. So, uncle. Or in the case of H, D, and L, he's their great uncle.

Who is the mother of Huebert, Dueteronomy, and Louis ... and is Uncle Donald really their uncle?

Della Thelma Duck, Donald's sister, and yes he's really their uncle.


Gilles Maurice's Duck Family Tree

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